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Amanda Roberti is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University. She currently teaches courses in the areas of: women and politics; reproductive politics; gender and social movements; gender, public policy, and law; and, American politics. She has been teaching for 7 years on various political science subfields related to gender and politics, public law, public policy, and states. Before coming to California, Amanda was an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy for three years at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

Amanda's research centers around abortion politics and policy in the US. Publishing in several journals, her work focuses on the framing of regulatory abortion policies and the strategic use of feminist rhetoric in antiabortion policy. Amanda has also delved into questions of conservative women's politics, definitions of feminism, and the substantive-descriptive representational link. In addition to publishing her work, Amanda has presented at academic conferences around the world--from Amsterdam, to Toronto, to San Juan, to Seattle. 


Amanda is proud to join a special group of scholars to have received honorable mention for the 2018 Carrie Chapman Catt Prize for Research on Women in Politics from the Carrie Chapman Catt Center at Iowa State University for her work on the rhetorical strategies of conservative antiabortion women lawmakers. This work continues in a forthcoming book chapter in the Research Handbook on Feminist Political Thought.


Amanda is also the Co-Director of the Informed Consent Project, which analyzes the accuracy of state mandated fetal development booklets for people seeking abortion. As a result of this study, numerous states reached out to edit their booklets, or to request comments during their department's open comment period. 

Amanda had an almost completely different career trajectory. Before entering academia, she worked as a paralegal in Philadelphia, PA where she lived and almost attended law school. However, born and raised in New Jersey, Amanda was happy to return to study political science earning her MA in Political Science from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey--Newark. Following that, Amanda earned her PhD from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey--New Brunswick where she studied with incomparable scholars in the subfields of Women in Politics, American Politics, and Public Law. She defended her dissertation "'Women Deserve Better': Pro-Woman Issue Framing of Regulatory Abortion Policy in the States" one day after her birthday in 2017.

Amanda made the cross country trip to join the SFSU political science faculty in 2020 during the pandemic, and currently resides with her partner, and her dog Pepper, in sunny Pacifica, CA. She is an avid hiker, sea glass collector, and hula hoop dancer.

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