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I have been teaching since 2015 in various institutions in New Jersey and California, from community college, to big 10 college. My courses have also ranged from first year undergraduate, to graduate. Below is a list of my courses and syllabi at San Francisco State University, all of which are original curricular innovations. Click on the images to download the syllabi.



American Government
PLSI 200


Introduction to contemporary American politics and institutions of government, including California. Study of the structure, functions, and politics of Congress, the presidency, Supreme Court; examination of principles of federalism, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights; the role of public opinion, elections, political parties, interest groups.


Women and American Politics
PLSI 468


Examination of women's participation in the American political sphere and the broader role of gender in U.S. politics. Study of the institutional, structural, and cultural challenges facing women in American politics; ways in which gender affects campaigning, representation, and leadership styles; the effects of women's representation on policy and political participation.


Women and Political Movements in the US  
PLSI 469


Study of women's movements in American politics. Cases may include the suffrage movement, women's rights movement, black feminist movements, conservative women's movements, contemporary feminist movements.


The Politics of Sex and Reproduction
PLSI 470


Examination of the politics of sex and reproduction in the United States through policy, law, and theory. The role of the state on issues such as abortion, infertility, pregnancy, pornography, sex work, contraceptives, and procreative and non-procreative sex. Analysis of gender roles and the way conceptions of femininity and masculinity are written into U.S. law. (This course is offered as PLSI 470, SXS 470, and WGS 470. Students may not repeat the course under an alternate prefix.)


Senior Seminar: Gender, Public Policy, and Law
PLSI 606


In this course, we will explore the interaction between gender and the law, focusing on historical and contemporary issues, and understanding how the law has reinforced and shaped gender norms in a way that has upheld unequal systems of power. We will walk through important cases and academic readings together and become experts on feminist legal theory that critique law and policy from an intersectional perspective.

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US Courts and the Making of Public Policy
PLSI 744


Examine the ways U.S. court decisions affect politics and policy-making in various areas, and the ways citizens and interest groups shape legal outcomes. Topics may include legal activism and the impact of court decisions in areas such as civil rights, abortion, freedom of religion, voting rights, and gun control.

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